Every Bride is a Princess

In honour of the Royal Wedding, I thought I’d share some of my favourite things about my own wedding day. Before days of mummyhood: nappies, bottles and dribbly kisses, I was a bride. It may not have been royal, but it was the best day of my life.

My dress

Oh. My. Goodness. My dress! It is absolutely divine. I went to several wedding dress shops, ranging from one that was so small that they only had about 30 dresses to choose from to one so big and crowded it felt like a bride factory.

I found my dream dress in a gorgeous shop called All About Eve, a lovely in between- big enough to have choice, small enough to feel intimate. Perfect. The consultant actually chose my dress! It was everything I didn’t want, strapless, mermaid, not white, but absolutely perfect.

Designed by Madeline Gardener at Mori Lee, it featured a sweetheart neckline, lace, beaded and crystal bodice with a champagne tulle trumpet skirt. Absolutely divine. I knew as soon as I put it on that it was ‘The One’.

My Accessories

My shoes were from Irregular Choice, a style called Mal-e-Bow in pink. Because my dress was champagne, I didn’t want ivory or white shoes and I would never match the champagne colour exactly so I thought I’d go wacky and have pink shoes. I made sure I broke them in by wearing them around the house (when fiancé was out of course!). If time is limited for this, put them on with socks, blast with the hairdryer for 5 minutes then let cool with your feet still inside. This way they mould and reset to the shape of your feet. Sooooo comfy, I wore them all day and night with no problem.

My headdress was my ‘Something Borrowed’. It is absolutely beautiful and is definitely one of my favourite things from the day.

I agonised over what jewellery to wear, because my dress was so heavily embellished I just couldn’t find jewellery to compliment it. I eventually settled for a necklace and earrings set from Debenhams but was unconvinced. Luckily, on the morning of the wedding as o was getting ready there was a knock at the door and a mysterious parcel arrived. It was a gift from my wonderful husband-to-be: a Swarovski crystal pendant with matching dropper earrings! They went beautifully with my dress and I was over the moon. He’s definitely a keeper!

Flowers and Decorations

I hate the perfectly round bouquets of roses with diamantes stuck in the middle of each rose. Each to their own, but not for me. I didn’t know what I wanted but it wasn’t that. Thankfully I found an amazing florist who I babbled at what I did and didn’t want and she miraculously made sense of it and created the perfect bouquet for me. It was unique and textured and so pretty. I loved it so much that I sent it off to be preserved.

(The brooch on my bouquet shows a picture of my grandparents, both of whom I hope were there in spirit.)

She is not only a florist but also an event designer, she dressed the ballroom for the reception and it was breathtaking. Because the wedding was in December, the Christmas decorations were up so the venue was already looking festive but with the addition of the beautiful details and finishing touches just for us it was utterly magical.

The Music

Music for the wedding was what led to the most dispute- in fact, we didn’t decide the first dance until the day before the wedding!

Walking in to Church- Grow Old with Me by Tom Odell, played on acoustic guitar by my brother in law.

Signing the Registers- A Thousand Years by Christina Perry, sung by my very talented bridesmaid.

Walking out of the Church- Hoppipola

First Dance- (I can’t help) Falling in Love with You, cover of Elvis Presley by Hayley Reinhart.

Second Dance- Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

We had a video done of the wedding, it is absolutely priceless in how it captures the magic of the day forever and it really is the music that makes it.

I could go on and on raving about what a fairytale my wedding was. The best thing about it is that the whole day revolves around you and the love of your life; everyone and everything that matters is there and there for you. Unfortunately that’s not quite the case for Meghan Markle, but I still hope she has a wonderful wedding. Every bride deserves to feel like a princess, even if just for the day.


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